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 “Billboard”3D Functions
 “Blitting”3D Functions
 “Real”3D functions
 Background music functions
 Compo4all statuses
 Compo4all stuff
 Default ranges for spFontAdd
 Defines for the look of the buttons and keys
 Defines for the strategy of<spMapSetStrategy>
 Drawing functions
 Events for the particle bunch update function
 Fixed Point Arithmetic Constants
 Fixed Point Arithmetics
 Fixed Point Conversion
 General&TCP Stuff
 Generic button and axis count
 Generic Buttons
 Generic Buttons Masks
 Generic Buttons Names
 IRC chat protocol stuff
 Keyboard waiting
 Light functions
 Operations for the Matrizes
 Optimization and other functions
 Pattern functions
 Range of the analog axis
 Return types for spGetLastAxisType
For these functions the position and size are projected, but the rotation is always, that you see the front (also called “billboard”).
Very much like the ”Billboard” 3D Functions, but the size and rotation is fix (0 and SP_ONE)!
These functions are for drawing 3d primitives in space with light calculation, rotation and so on.
These functions are for the background music.
Statuses for the committing and score-loading functions.
Types and Functions for sending and receiving data to and from the compo4all server.
These are some #defines e.g.
All these functions use (optional) z test, z set, alpha test and pattern test except spHorizentalLine, spAddWhiteLayer and spAddBlackLayer
The following #defines are for the fixed point arithmetic in sparrow3d.
These are some #defines for fast multiplication and division of fixed point numbers.
These conversions are no function calls, but defines.
Types and Functions for initializing sparrowNet and sending data over tcp.
The following (long) list of #defines gives you the numbers and names of the generic device buttons or of the buttons on the explicit device.
Mask of the buttons, Useful for spPollKeyboardInputs last parameter.
Types and Functions for connecting to an IRC server, join channels and receive and send message.
If a key is pressed after a given time it will be pressed again.
left orientation
Only ”Real” 3D functions (except spLine3D) are enlighted.
centered orientation
Like other 3d libraries like OpenGL, sparrow3d uses homolog 4x4 matrizes for the orientation in space, too.
Some optional optimizations and helpers.
sparrow3d does provide alpha blending (see spSetBlending), but this is slow, so use it rarely or better never.
Return types for spGetLastAxisType.
right orientation