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SparrowFile is for file handling.
SparrowFont is for loading truetype fonts with SDL_ttf and creating bitmap-lookup tables for them.
sparrowMapping is for handling different mappings of controls.
This file is for fast functions for fixed point numbers like trigonometric functions, square root, etc.
SparrowMesh is for loading meshes (definied at sparrowRenderer.h).
SparrowNet is a basic network API based on SDL_net.
SparrowParticles is a very basic, generic attempt for particles.
SparrowPrimitives is for drawing primitives like triangles or quads (with and without texture), blitting or rotozooming of surfaces, lines, ellipses, rectangles and for everything it provides a zBuffer test and set.
SparrowRenderer is for rendering 3D stuff to the target of sparrowPrimitives.
SparrowSound is for sound output.
SparrowSprite is about drawing sprites.
SparrowText is for easy maintaining different translations of texts used by your application.